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Tall Tales

You will open the Tall Tales PowerPoint and follow along as the teacher introduces Tall Tales.  Listen as your teacher reads aloud The Cowboy and the Black-Eyed Pea and Pecos Bill.  Listen for those elements that make up a Tall Tale.  Your ranch group will be writing your own Tall Tale for publication.  Begin brainstorming the type of character you would like to write about.  You will be completing a bubble map about your character.   The character bubble map will assist you when writing your tall tale.  When you click on the template links be sure to PRINT to the printer for easy access.

Once you have completed your character bubble map show it to the trail boss (teacher), you will be awarded two cows upon completion.  You may now begin to write your rough draft.  Once your ranch group has written your rough draft you will need to complete the Tall Tale checklist, making sure you have included all the elements of a Tall Tale in your story. Print the checklist and the rough draft of your Tall Tale and show it to your trail boss.  Your trail boss will let you know if you may go ahead and publish the Tall Tale.  You will use Microsoft Word to publish your Tall Tale.  After you have published your Tall Tale you will need to print it and give to your trail boss.  Your ranch group will then have to come up with a creative oral presentation for your Tall Tale in which each group member must participate.  You will be given enough time to practice.