Internet Filtering in Irving ISD

1.  Why does Irving ISD use an Internet filter?

Texas Ed. Code Ann.  32.201-202, Texas Govt. Code Ann. 441.1385

Texas state law requires a public school that provides a computer used for Internet access to implement an Internet safety policy in districts receiving funds from a Texas Infrastructure Fund loan or grant.

2.  What does the Irving ISD Internet filter block?

The categories that Irving ISD has chosen to filter at this time are:


 Adult Content

 Adware/Banner/Web Ads





 Games (non-educational)


 Instant Messaging (various)
 Message Board

 Online Trading/Brokerage



 Web Based Newsgroups


Note:  The above categories are continuously under review by committee and may change.  Above is the current list that was implemented at the beginning of the year.

4.  How can a teacher request a website to be unblocked?

An online form has been placed on the the web that teachers can use to ask for a website to be unblocked.  Please plan ahead when asking to unblock sites.



Found an inappropriate website that should be BLOCKED?

Report a BAD website that our filter missed.      (Teacher Login)