The information below is archival information about a PAST bond election in 2007.
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What am I voting on?
An election will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2007 to give Irving ISD citizens the opportunity to vote on one school bond proposition.

Definition of School Bond

School bonds are evidence of debt which the issuer (the school district) sells and promises to repay, with interest, in a given amount of time.  Banks and large investment firms usually buy the bonds.

The school bond portion of the election ballot will be printed to give the voter the opportunity to vote FOR or AGAINST on the following proposition:

“The issuance of $249,975,000 of bonds for acquiring, constructing and equipping school buildings, purchasing necessary sites therefore and purchasing new school buses, and the levying of a tax in payment thereof.”




For questions regarding the IISD Bond Election, contact the
IISD Public Information Department at 972-215-5200 or email