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Advanced Placement Scores Increase

The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) program offers students the opportunity to take challenging college-level courses while still in high school, and receive college credit for successful performance on AP exams.

Over the past three years, Irving ISD has seen a steady increase in the number of high school students who receive a score of 3 or higher on AP exams. Exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5.

For 2004-2005, 522 IISD high school students scored grades of 3 or higher on AP exams. The number jumped to 651 in 2005-2006, followed by another increase to 671 in 2006-2007.

The IISD also ensures access to all advanced academic and elective classes for all students. In that regard, the participation of minority students in AP courses has continued to increase over the past several years. In 2002, 40 percent of minority students, who graduated from an IISD high school, participated in AP courses. By 2007, the number had increased to 64 percent.

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$55,580 Paid for Exemplary Attendance

The Exemplary Attendance (EA) Program will award $55,580 to 60 IISD employees in their October paychecks. One hundred ninety-six District employees earned the minimum number of days (15) over the past five years to be eligible to “cash-in” some or all of their EA days during employment.  The sixty employees who took advantage of this opportunity will receive an average of $926.33 per employee.  The maximum benefit was $1400, which is almost a three percent pay raise for many teachers.

EA days can also be sold at retirement for a higher rate, or they can be used if all other sick leave has been exhausted.  Selling days during employment can be done once a year, if an employee has a balance of at least 15 EA days.  For 2007-2008, the first 10 days could be sold at a rate of $80 per day, while the remaining days could be sold at a rate of $50 per day. Full details on the Exemplary Attendance program may be found on the IISD website at:


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Students Visit Finance Park

Finance Park

Capitol One and Junior Achievement opened Finance Park last week at Capitol One corporate facilities in north Irving. IISD eighth grade students had the opportunity to participate in life scenarios that teach financial literacy. The park consists of two 53-foot semi-trucks that have been joined together and equipped to make a unique financial learning lab.

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Metropolitan Winds to Present Concert

Metropolitan Winds will present a concert for children and parents on Thursday, November 1 at 7:30 p.m. in the MacArthur High School auditorium. Music from composers such as Copland, Mancini, Sousa and Stravinsky will be performed under the direction of Randol Bass. Admission is free.

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Schools Support Race for the Cure

Bowie Middle School observed “Pink Day” October 19 in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month to honor and support survivors at the school. Faculty and staff donated over $1,200 to Cindy’s Cubbies, the name of the Bowie team in the Race for the Cure. 

Bowie Faculty

Stipes Elementary School staff members showed support for the Race for the Cure and their co-workers by “thinking pink”. Staff honored Ann Nentwig, principal’s secretary, for 20 “cancer-free” years and teachers, Jami Fabian and Shannon Brown, who will be participating in the 60 mile, 3-day Breast Cancer Walk on the weekend of October 27.

Stipes Faculty

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Nimitz, Academy Collect Aluminum

Students from Nimitz High School and The Academy of Irving ISD are assisting the City of Irving in an aluminum can collection drive during October. Through the “Cans from Fans” program, student volunteers are collecting aluminum from Dallas Cowboy fans having tailgate parties prior to the team’s home games this month.

Nimitz Students

Aluminum is also being collected at dumpsters dedicated to can collection at various IISD schools. The city is hoping to collect hundreds of pounds of aluminum to help Irving with a nationwide “Mayor’s Challenge”.

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Lamar Employs Pirate Theme

Lamar Middle School sixth grade faculty members dressed as pirates October 12 for a day of discovery. Reading classes researched and read about the history of pirates. Science classes created pirate ships that could carry the most treasure, as revealed in density and buoyancy tests. English classes wrote about pirates and history classes studied the Caribbean. Math classes solved word problems about pirates. Counselors presented information about “No Bullying”, since pirates were notorious bullies.

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Earthworms Study at Stipes

Kindergarten students at Stipes Elementary School used their FOSS Animals Two by Two science kits to learn about earthworms.

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October 25, 2007

Antioch Christian Church Partnership with Townsell
Townsell Elementary School formalized a partnership with Antioch Christian Church during a Partnerships in Education signing ceremony October 15. Pictured, from left, are IISD Superintendent Jack Singley, Pastor Norris Q McGill of Antioch Christian Church, and Principal Linda Willett.

Frito Lay Partnership with Brandenburg
Brandenburg Elementary School formalized a partnership with Frito Lay-Irving during a Partnerships in Education signing ceremony October 18. Pictured, from left, are Principal Pam Meredith, Elizabeth Musico and Steve Segura with Frito Lay-Irving, and IISD Superintendent Jack Singley.

Fire Dog Visits Kinkeade
Sparky the Fire Dog visited Kinkeade Early Childhood School October 17 to talk to students about fire safety.

Reading Buddies at Elliott
Nancy D’Amico’s Kindergarten class at Elliott Elementary School enjoys Reading Buddies time each week with Diane Mikkelson’s 4th Grade class.

Lively Uses Pirate Theme
Captain Hook’em up Math Vocab and Priscilla Place Value joined the KLIV broadcast this week at Lively Elementary School to share information with students. Visits by pirates Penelope Perimeter and Veronica Volume are also planned.

Truck Day at John Haley
John Haley Elementary School sponsored Truck Day October 12. Students learned about the operation of large trucks as they were demonstrated.


Calendar Highlights

October 2007

23‑26 State Testing Days (Exit Level)

November 2007

1 Want to be a School Administrator??
Future Principals and Administrators Meeting
Administration Building
4:15 - 5:45 p.m.
12 Board of Trustees Meeting
Administration Building,  7 p.m.
19‑20 Student Holidays / Teacher Staff Development Days
2123 Student/Teacher Holiday

December  2007

3 Board of Trustees Meeting
Administration Building,  7 p.m.

City Council of PTA Meeting 
Administration Building Board Room,  9:00 a.m.

17 Board of Trustees Meeting
Administration Building,  7 p.m.
2431 Winter Break

January 2008

1-2 Winter Break (continued)
3-4 Student Holidays / Teacher Staff Development Days
14 Board of Trustees Meeting
Administration Building,  7 p.m.
15 Irving Cluster Spelling Bee
Administration Building, 1 p.m.
17-18 Semester Exam Day (Early Dismissal Schedule)
21 Student/Teacher Holiday (Martin Luther King Day)
22 Student Holiday / Teacher Work Day
23 MacArthur Cluster Spelling Bee
Administration Building, 1 p.m.
24 Nimitz Cluster Spelling Bee
Administration Building, 1 p.m.
31 Technology Media Fair
Hosted by Bowie Middle School, 6 p.m.

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