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The A. S. Johnston Library has multiple sections, each of which houses a specific type of material.

Non-Fiction Audio Books
Fiction Parenting Section
Biography Videos 
Reference Magazines
Picture Books (E) Newspapers

Non-Fiction:  Non-fiction materials are predominately fact, information based.  Non-Fiction items are in Dewey Decimal order - numerical order by subject.  These books are often used in research, as well as for enjoyment reading.  They are kept in the same part of the library for easy access.  There are 10 Dewey Decimal Categories:
000 - General works
100 - Philosophy and Psychology
200 - Religion
300 - Social Sciences and Folk Lore
400 - Language (including dictionaries and thesauruses)
500 - Natural Science and Mathematics (including animals, rocks,
          solar system)
600 - Applied Science and Technology (including pets, planes,
          automobiles, health, diseases)
700 - The Arts (including drawing, crafts, sports)
800 - Literature (including plays and poetry)
900 - History and Geography (including biographies)
Fiction: Fiction books are "made-up" stories.  We often refer to them as chapter books.  Many fictional stories are based on historical events - Historical Fiction.  But if any of the events or dialogue has been created by the author, the book falls under the fiction label.  Fiction books are shelved in alphabetical order by the first three letters of the author's last name.

Biography:  A Biography is the true story of part or all of a person's life.  Biographies are non-fiction books.  They may be about individuals from the past or someone currently living.  Biographies are shelved in alphabetical order by the first three letters of the subject's last name, in the 92 section.

Reference: The Reference section of the library contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, and specialized sets of books that lend themselves to research and study.  Reference books may not be checked out of the library.  They, also, are shelved in Dewey Decimal numerical order by subject.

Picture Books:
Picture books, also called Easy Books, are fictional stories housed in a section by themselves.  The predominate features of a picture book include numerous pictures that help tell the story, limited text, and usually no more than 30 to 40 pages.  Picture books are shelved in alphabetical order using the first three letters of the author's last name, in the E section.

Audio Books: Audio books are bagged sets that include one or more audio cassettes of the story and a hard copy of the book.
These bagged sets, usually fiction, can be found hanging from rods in bookshelves in the library.

Parenting Section:
The Johnston Library Parenting Section contains books, magazines, and video cassettes that are aimed at helping parents develop strong parenting skills.  All items in this section are available for check-out by our Johnston parents.

Video Cassettes:
Johnston has a variety of video cassettes used by classroom teachers to supplement and enhance classroom lessons.  Videos are not for student check out.  They must remain available for teacher, classroom use.

Magazines: Johnston library subscribes to a large variety of magazines to cover student interests.  Magazines are checked-out for two weeks, as with any other materials.  Magazines are housed in a special section in the library.

  A. S. Johnston subscribes to two newspapers on a daily basis - The Dallas Morning News and The Fort Worth Star Telegram.  Newspapers are kept in the Johnston library for a one week period, after which they are recycled.

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