During colonial America there was not much a difference from thievery today. It  already existed and you there were severe punishments .

·          If you steal somebody’s animals you receive 25 lashes and you have to pay with 400 pounds of tobacco for each animal

·          The second time a person steals an animal they have to stand in a pillory for 2 hours, lose their ear and pay 400 pounds of tobacco for each animal stolen

·          IF the thief is black or Indian , they will receive 39 lashes, and they have to pay with 400 pounds of tobacco

·          If the thief was a slave the master had to pay and the slave repaid the master by working extra

Rare punishment included:

·          Ear Nailing

·          T-Branding (T standing for thief)

Shackling to the chair

Created by:

Ashley George

Iris Osegueda

Punishment in the Colonies


I know what you did with the pig...


An example of T-Branding meaning Thief.



Here is a man being ear-nailed




Fifteen feet high, this pillory and post from the seventeenth century



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