THANK YOU for taking the time to judge our 2009-2010 Media Fair Entries.

Choose one of the contest categories below that is best suited to your skills and interests. Each category is further divided by grade levels...from Pre-Kindergarten to High School Seniors. You are welcome to judge as many or as few categories as your time allows.

You will be able to see what entries have been judged and how other judges have scored the entries by clicking on the "See Scores" link next to each entry. There is no limit for how many times an entry can be judged, but we would like every entry to have a minimum of three critiques.

As you are judging, please use your first and last name and include your email address. We will NOT display your email address, this is for administrative verification purposes only. Please make your comments constructive and helpful. Your encouraging words will go a long way in promoting student creativity and causing our students to become better evaluators of their own work. We would appreciate a few positive comments and a few “instructive” statements for each entry. The rubric items will be averaged and will be used to determine our first, second and third places in each grade category and each grade level. Your comments, while not figured in to the final composite score, are still very important to the students.



The main goal of opening the judging to those outside of our district is to connect our students with practicing media arts experts around the world. ABOVE ALL, we want to get and keep kids excited about creating these technology projects and sharing their work with a global audience. Thank you so much for your participation as a judge.

Questions or Problems? Email Mikie Kindsfather at