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One-to-One Symposium
A symposium for schools to share their experiences  of how they have implemented one-to-one integration of technology.


Irving Independent School District
Interested in finding out more about Irving?  Visit our district web page for a wealth of information.

Laptop Distribution

  Documents for 1-to-1 Laptop Distribution

Parent Student Laptop Agreement
     (to be signed by Parent and Student)

     - Parent Student Laptop Agreement (English)

     - Parent Student Laptop Agreement (Spanish)

Student Expectations Brochure

     -  Student Expectations Brochure for Laptops

Student Laptop Handbook
          -   Student Laptop Handbook  (English)

          -   Student Laptop Handbook  (Spanish)


Acceptable Use Policy

          -   Teacher Acceptable Use  CQ(Local) Exhibit A

          -   Student Acceptable Use  CQ(Local) Exhibit B

Technology Plan

Long Range Technology Plan  2007-2010

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