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One-to-One Symposium
A symposium for schools to share their experiences  of how they have implemented one-to-one integration of technology.


Irving Independent School District
Interested in finding out more about Irving?  Visit our district web page for a wealth of information.

The Irving ISD is a leader in the implementation of 1-to-1 laptop programs at the high school level. We believe that technology, as a tool, has the ability to drastically change teaching and learning, and when coupled with student laptops (available 24/7), our students will be empowered for their future.

Please explore the resources compiled on this site, and join the discussion on changing instruction, empowering students and challenging our schools to explore new ways of teaching and learning.

Check out our One-to-One Symposium Videos!

View a Quality Example of Project Based Learning

Crucial Ingredients: Irving ISD Cooks Up a Hot, New I-Learning Paradigm

District Administration: How a district went from nearly no-tech to attention-grabbing high-tech in five years.

Irving Independent School District is named a Microsoft center of Excellence


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