District Improvement Committee

  • The District Improvement Committee’s (DIC) primary purpose is to advise the district administration in the planning, operating, supervising, and evaluating of the District’s educational program.


    The duties of the DIC include:

    • attend all five meetings and be a willing participant;

    • being involved in establishing and reviewing the District’s educational plans, goals, performance objectives, and major classroom instructional programs;

    • addressing all pertinent federal planning requirements;

    • assisting the district administration annually in preparing, reviewing, and revising the District Improvement Plan;

    • holding one public meeting annually, after receipt of the District-level performance report, to discuss District performance and the District performance objectives;

    • advising the District staff regarding the District’s discipline management program, including the Student Code of Conduct;

    • advising administration regarding districtwide staff development plans;

    • advising administration regarding waivers to the Texas Education Agency; and

    • advising administration regarding textbook adoptions.


    The DIC meets five times a year. Nominations for new members of the DIC are submitted from mid-June to beginning of September.


    The makeup of the committee includes:

    · Parents (10 members)

    · Community (4 members)

    · Business (4 members)

    · High School Students (9 members)

    · Professionals (20 members – teachers, counselors, administration)


    Student members shall serve a one-year term. All other members of the DIC shall serve a two-year term. The District provides appropriate training for new and returning DIC members.


    For more detailed information on the DIC, click on the Board Policy BQA (LOCAL).

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