Beware of Malicious Software (Malware)

    Malware Screenshot The number of malware, short for malicious software, incidents is on the rise. Once these viruses infiltrate a device, they disrupt computer operations to gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer systems or display unwanted advertising. A specific type of malware known as ransomware is designed to block access to a computer system or files until a sum of money is paid. Ransomware stops you from using your PC and holds your PC or files for "ransom.” 


    The Irving ISD technology services department shares tip for avoiding these computer viruses and steps to take if it’s too late.


    Possible ways to get infected


    • Visiting unsafe, suspicious or fake websites
    • Opening emails and email attachments from people you don’t know or that you weren’t expecting
    • Clicking on malicious or bad links in emails, Facebook, Twitter and other social media posts, and in instant messenger chats, like Skype


    Possible impact


    • Prevent you from accessing Windows
    • Encrypt files so you can’t use them
    • Stop certain apps from running (like your web browser)


    What to do (and not to do) if you are (or suspect that you have been) infected


    • Do not pay the ransom. There is no guarantee that paying the offenders will get your files back to working order
    • Contact your Campus Technician. This person will be able to assess your specific situation to help remedy the issue


    How to avoid getting infected


    • Ensure that your virus protection software is updated on your computer at all times
    • Do not visit unsafe, suspicious or fake websites. If there is any doubt, do not click on the link. Ensure that your internet surfing is being properly filtered at all times
    • Do not click on malicious or bad links in emails, Facebook, Twitter and other social media posts, and instant messenger chats, like Skype. If your web filter has identified a link as bad or potentially harmful, do not access that link on non-filtered machines (e.g. your home computers)



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