• techteam2

    Team Training and Purpose:


    • attend afterschool training on 3 main devices
    • receive training during school hours
    • provide technical support to teachers (JHCr8)
    • provide technology support to students (JHCr8)
    • develop possible job skills & explore a career possibility
    • communicate with others
    • troubleshoot both software and hardware issues
    • build confidence in their abilities



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  • What is #JHCr8?

    It is one day or possibly two days in which students and teachers explore a new technology program, device, or content they are learning.  We divide the school into 2 sections and provide some extra devices. We train a team of students to help support the staff and students troubleshooting software and hardware issues.  

    • an opportunity to for everyone to learn something new
    • time to experiment with a new idea for next year or later in the year
    • an evaluation of your student's understanding of content
    • time to design a great project and develop a rubric
    • a chance to see the higher level thinking your students can do
    • time to better equip students for the next year
    • a chance for our students to better collaborate and learn from each other
    • time for students on my tech support team to gain some confidence
    • a chance for the tech team to explore a career opportunity


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