CASE Rubric for Community and Parent Involvement

  • Criteria for Community and Parent Involvement were developed with the help of Valerie Reyes-Braun (Assistant Director of Communications), Jose Villaseñor (District Section 504 Coordinator), Linda Torres-Rangel (Director of Language and Parent Services), and Paula Barnhouse (then Director of Academic and Career Counseling).  Responses to the district’s annual Parent Involvement Survey were used to evaluate parent involvement.  Questions relating specifically to creating a welcoming environment for parents, ensuring successful communication with parents, collaborating with parents for student success, and training of parents and teachers were used.  Community involvement was evaluated by Thelma Cantu, Partners in Education Coordinator for the District.  Ms. Cantu evaluated each campus in the District using her extensive knowledge of how each campus partnered with different groups and organizations within the community. Information on Triple M Community Mentors was provided by Mr. Villaseñor.  When converting ratings for the CASE system, a score of Exemplary was converted to an A, a score of Recognized was converted to a B, and an acceptable score was converted to a C.  Should overall scores fall below a C grade, they were rated on a case by case basis to determine grade (e.g., either a D or an F). 

    Criteria are for All Campuses



    • Does not meet Acceptable criteria



    • 20-30 points on Parent Involvement Survey
    • Acceptable rating on the following “Partnering Practices Campus Evaluation” criteria:
      • School/program has clearly identified student/campus needs and has developed clear partnership goals.
      • School/program communicates campus needs to partners & posts them on webpage, social media and other publicity methods year-round.
      • School/program has updated their list of active partners/volunteers on school webpage, school files and with district PIE admin
      • School/program manages partnerships/volunteers effectively and keeps them engaged throughout the school year
      • School/program trains staff and partners to utilize Raptor system to track volunteer hours in one central automated system.
      • School/program gathers partner feedback for continuous growth & improvement.
      • School/program effectively recognizes partners and volunteers via webpage, social media, events and other publicity methods.
    • 1-3 Mentors (excludes Early Childhood Campuses)



    • 31-40 points on Parent Involvement Survey
    • Recognized rating on the “Partnering Practices Campus Evaluation”
    • 4-7 Mentors (Excludes Early Childhood campuses)



    • 41+ points on Parent Involvement Survey
    • Exemplary rating on the “Partnering Practices Campus Evaluation”
    • 8 or more Mentors (Excludes Early Childhood Campuses)
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