• Spotlight on Attendance

    We want all of our students at school every day.


    #AttendanceHERO is our school hashtag to remind and encourage students to be at school every day.


    AttendanceHERO           AttendanceHERO          Attendance HERO        Kangaroo Signal


    HERO stands for


    Every day


    On time


    • Trophy Tuesday - Each week, classes with the top attendance are presented with a trophy to keep in their classroom for the week.
    • Popcorn Friday - All classes with perfect attendance for the week will receive a popcorn party on Friday.
    • Free Dress Day - Students with perfect attendance for the six weeks receive a Kinkeade ECS Perfect Attendance Ribbon and will have a free dress day, as designated by the school principal.
    • Perfect Attendance Student Spotlight - At the end of the six weeks, all students with perfect attendance get their pictures on the school website as an #AttendanceHERO.
    • Student Trophies & Medals - At the end of the school year, students with perfect attendance for the year will receive an attendance trophy. Students with three (3) or fewer absences will receive an attendance medal.



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  • Kinkeade Attendance Initiative


    Early Childhood School Attendance Commitment*

    Regular attendance and punctuality are required of every student. Students who have goo attendance generally achieve higher grades, enjoy school, and are much more employable after leaving high school. Irving ISD expects all students to attend school regularly and be on time for classes in order to gain maximum beneft from the instructional program and develop habits of punctuality, responsibility, and self-discipline. Enrollment in pre-kindergarten is not mandatory in Texas, but children who do enroll are under the same attendance rules as students in grades 1-5 and are expected to attend class regularly each day during the school year. TEC Sec. 25.085(b)


    *When registering your child for PreK, parents / guardians are required to sign the Early Childhood School Attendance Committment


    Parent / Guardian Commitment

    I want my child to reach his / her full academic potential. Therefore, I will commit to do all of the following:

    • Ensure my child is on time and attends school each day.
    • Telephone the school to report an absence.
    • Send a note to the school when my child returns from an absence explaining the reason for the absence.
    • Communicate with the teacher on a regular bais.
    • Arrange for my child to be picked up from school or from the bus stop at the end of school each day.
    • Send my child to school in a school uniform and backpack.
    • Follow the procedures given out by the school nurse if my child is sent home ill.



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  • All Things Attendance


    Attendance Matters - When students miss school, they are denied the teacher's instruction and interaction with their peers for the day. This is valuable learning which cannot be replaced.

    Attendance Success Initiative

    Irving ISD Mission:

    Our mission is to serve and support the students of Irving ISD by removing barriers while working collaboratively with families, community stakeholders and district resources to improve attendance and enhance student success.


    Irving ISD District Attendance Goal: 97%

    How Can Parents Help?

    • Make attendance a priority.
    • Team up with school staff to support your child.
    • Check students attendance regularly.
    • Schedule doctor's visits before or after school.
    • Call the school when your child will be absent from school.


    Make sure your child...

    • ...goes to bed at a reasonable time.
      • Four- and Five-year olds need between 11 and 13 hours of sleep every night.
    • ...starts good habits early (arrive on time and follow the school rules)
    • ...keeps school folder and library books in their backpack ready for the next day of school.
    • ...does not play video games right before going to bed.
    • ...has a bedtime routine
      • bath, brush teeth, etc.
      • pajamas
      • bedtime story
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