Eligibility & Required Documents


    • Parents/guardians must be a current Irving ISD employee or a resident of Irving ISD.

    • Child must be 4-years-old on or before September 1, 2019.

    • Meets one of the following requirements:
      -- Family income based on federal lunch program guidelines
      -- Primary language other than English
      -- Homeless (according to McKinney-Vento definition)
      -- Dependent of one who is currently in active military service, was injured as a result of active military service, or is the survivor of one killed in active military service
      -- Child of first responders who are killed or seriously injured while on duty
      -- Child who currently or has ever been in the foster care system (requires a letter from the Department of Family and Protective Services)


    These required items must be submitted to the campus to complete the registration process:

    1. Your identification: driver’s license, passport
    2. Proof of residence: lease, gas bill, water bill, electric bill in parent’s name. Phone/cable will not be accepted.
    3. Your child’s proof of age: official birth certificate or passport
    4. Your child’s social security card (if available)
    5. Current immunization records
    6. Your proof of income for qualification:
      -- Recent paycheck stub (within 30 days)
      -- SNAP or TANF letter with EDG#
      -- Child support/alimony
      -- Pension/retirement
      -- Unemployment
      -- Disability or worker’s comp
    7. Proof of active military duty (if applicable)
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