Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is an out-of-district transfer?

    A: On April 23, 2018, the Irving ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved revisions to FDA (LOCAL) and FDB (LOCAL) policies. The policy change allows students from school districts other than IISD to attend an Irving ISD school on an approved out-of-district transfer.

    Q: What grade levels are eligible for an out-of-district transfer?

    A: Students entering kindergarten through 12th grade are eligible to apply. Only 8th and 9th grade students may apply to Singley Academy or a Signature Studies program.


    Q: Can I enroll my child into a specific school?

    A: Parents may list up to two preferred campuses on the application. Each student approved for an out-of-district transfer is assigned to a campus by the Irving ISD superintendent or designee.  The superintendent and/or designee will consider availability of space and instructional staff when making a decision.


    Q: Are non-resident students who are hearing impaired allowed to submit an out-of-district transfer to the Regional Day School for Deaf housed at Britain, Bowie and Nimitz?

    A: Yes.


    Q: How do I apply for admission into Singley Academy?

    A: Admission into Singley Academy is based on a lottery process. Singley Academy will accept applications from students who reside within Irving ISD boundaries and those who have been approved for an out-of-district transfer. A non-resident student must be approved for a transfer and in the 8th or 9th grade in order to apply for admission into Singley Academy for the following school year. Singley Academy has a set application process with deadlines that close in late January or early February. All applications received after the deadline are only considered if there is space available after serving all students on the waitlist who submitted applications on time.


    Q: Is there a mileage range of living out of the district zone?

    A: No.


    Q: May I submit one application for all students in my family?

    A: No. An out-of-district transfer application must be completed for each student in your family.


    Q: If one child is approved for an out-of-district transfer, is approval guaranteed for a sibling?

    A: Irving ISD will make every effort to accommodate siblings interested in attending a district school. However, we will consider the availability of space and instructional staff as well as each student’s academic, attendance and discipline records to determine eligibility for a transfer.


    Q: If my child is approved, do I need to reapply every year?

    A: No. Transfer students are able to complete every grade level available at the assigned school without renewing annually if terms of the transfer agreement are upheld. A new out-of-district application must be submitted for students in transition grades (5th and 8th) if they wish to continue and enter a feeder school or Signature Studies program. 

    Q: Can my child ride a bus to school?

    A: Transportation is not provided for out-of-district transfer students. Families are responsible for arranging transportation to and from school.

    Q: What after-school options are available for students?

    A: The district partners with several organizations to provide after-school programs at many campuses. Please work with your child’s principal to learn more about the after-school programs available.


    Q: Will the district allow affidavit of residency for out-of-district transfers?

    A: Yes.


    Q: Can I still apply for an out-of-district transfer, even if the school year has started?

    A: Yes, we encourage interested families to complete an application. Acceptance or denial will be based on campus capacity and a review of the required student information needed to complete the application.


    Q: Is there an appeal process for denied out-of-district transfers?

    A: Yes. The appeals process is explained in Irving ISD Board Policy GF.


    Q: If an out-of-district transfer is revoked, will Irving ISD notify the home district/campus?

    A: Yes, the district is required to notify the student’s home district/campus.


    Q: If my child was approved to a school that is not on my way to work, can I request for a different school?

    A: The out-of-district transfer process allows a family to identify up to two preferred campuses. The superintendent or designee assigns the student to a school. Availability of space is considered when making a decision.


    Q: Why does Irving ISD have an out-of-district transfer policy?

    A: IISD funding is based on the number of students in class each day. More students mean more funding for student programs.  Revisions to the transfer policy allows the district to increase revenue and keep more local tax dollars in the Irving community.

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