• transfers





    All requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests must be submitted online once the out-of-district transfer window opens. Campuses will not distribute or accept transfer forms.

    The Superintendent and/or designee will oversee the approving and/or denying of out-of-district transfer requests for all Irving ISD campuses.

    A student’s academic, discipline and attendance record will be considered. Approval or denial will rely on campus capacity numbers and instructional staff as projected on the “Estimate of Classroom Space and Discretionary Transfer Capacity.” 

    If accepted, transfer students are required to meet the following criteria:

    - Attend school regularly
    - Maintain passing grades
    - Adhere to the Irving ISD Student Code of Conduct
    - Abide by all UIL rules and regulations

    Transfers are subject to revocation. In the case of revocation, parents and the student’s home campus/district will be notified. Transfers may be revoked for poor attendance, inability to maintain passing grades, failure to adhere to the Irving ISD Student Code of Conduct or if student does not enroll or chooses to withdraw from a campus or Signature Studies program.