Signature Studies Practicums

  • Practicums are student based learning experiences designed to prepare individuals through supervised practical application of previously studied theory and classroom activities.


    Spectrum of Work-Based Learning Experience


    Employer-led tours of site which provides students with the opportunity to study companies in-depth and learn information on requirements of different jobs.

    Job Shadowing

    Students attend one or more sessions with individual workers learning what their jobs entail at a variety of worksites.


    Students work in a number of different departments or for different employers to explore different occupations within an industry cluster.


    Students are paired with "adult peers" from the workplace who provide guidance and encouragement on career-related, interdisciplinary projects.


    Students create an alternate work program, are ther own boss, earn money, create a project, run their business, and earn high school credit.

    Service Learning

    Students complete unpaid work, geared to the public good, integrated with school learning through projects or similar mechanisms.


    Students participate in paid/unpaid work experience with an employer. School coordinator and student agreeing to follow training plan.

    Youth Apprenticeship

    The integration of academic instruction and work-based learning. The student commits to one or two years of paid work experience in a specific trade and is registered as a youth apprentice.

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