Signature Studies Goals

  • Career and Technical Education courses are designed to prepare all students for a lifetime of success. Career and Technical Education courses provide ALL students opportunities to prepare for secondary and post-secondary education, career preparation and advancement, meaningful work, and active citizenship. Irving ISD's Career and Technical Education has developed a strategic plan which includes four (4) goals that will provide all Irving ISD students with the academic and personal skills necessary to succeed i the global market of the 21st century:

    1) Each secondary campus will commit to building programs of study which lead toward seamless post-secondary transitions and promote on-going personal and professional growth, based on current industry standards and best practices.

    2) Irving ISD Career and Technical Education will develop and implement rigorous curriculum for all courses that integrates state of the art technology with authentic workplace knowledge and skills, provides the relevancy necessary to promote academic achievement, encourages innovation and creativity, increases student engagement, and develops leaders and life-long learners.

    3) Irving ISD Career and Technical Education district personnel will create and utilize a marketing plan to inform students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and the community about the CTE program and its link to post-secondary opportunities.

    4) CTE teachers and administrators will work directly and diligently to build solid partnerships with industry partners through collaborative program development and the creation and implementation of authentic workplace experiences.

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2018-2019 Focus Goals of Irving ISD Career and Technical Education

  • 1) Each CTE teacher will actively participate in exceeding their campus industry certification goal.

    2) Each CTE teacher will engage students in a CTSO co-curricular organization and activities.

    3) CTE curricula will include mathematics, technical reading or technical writing instruction in all lessons and project assignments.

    4) Each CTE teacher will actively participate as a member of the Advisory Board for their respective clusters.

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