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Film Festival Winners

  • Congratulations to all the students who submitted a film or poster for the 2020 Irving ISD TakeOne Film Festival.

    To view the student winners for each of the nine categoires, click on the images below. The categories are listed above the images. 



                 Poster Design                        News & Documentary

    Film Festival          film festival


         Narrative & Storytelling                             Music

    Film Festival          Film Festival


         Community Awareness                          Best Story

    Film Festival          Film Festival


                  Best Script                                  Best Direction

    Film Festival          Film Festival


    Animation and Motion Graphics

    Film Festival

Film Festival Categories



    Irving ISD Signature Studies will host the first annual Take One Film Festival, a gala to showcase AV production and graphic design student-produced work. 


    Take One will award the top film in each category:

    • Narrative/Story: Movie that tells a fictional story such as drama, action, disaster, horror, science fiction, detective, romance or adventure.
    • Documentary/News: Movie portraying a real-life person, event, community, culture, personal experience or yourself. Reality films are another form of documentaries. 
    • Public Service/Community Awareness: Movie that educates, teaches or informs a viewer about a specific topic or theme. 

      Think Public Service Announcement (PSA), or a commercial, instructional or technical support video, a "let's play" gaming video, or even a demonstration of your own talents.

    • Music Video: Video that accompanies a piece of music- a song, classical work, theme tune or even an original composition.
    • Animation/Motion Graphics: Video that includes computer animation, hand-drawn, clay-animation, frame animation or anime.

    Additional awards will be given out for overall Best Script, Best Story, and Best Direction. 


    Project Submission

Poster Competition

  • Graphic design students can compete for the chance at having their poster be the advertising design for next Film Festival 2020-2021 school year. Winners will be announced at the 2019-2020 Film Festival.


    Poster Criteria: 

    • Theme: Take One Film Festival 
    • Size: 11x17 (vertical), 
    • Must include the Take One Film Festival Logo, must be original art that has been digitally created, and be a PDF file.
    • Winning poster will be judged based on appearance, creativity, and demonstration of the theme. The winning poster will be reproduced and used to advertise the 2021 IISD Film Festival. All submitted artwork will be the property of the IISD and with not be returned.

    Reference the Poster Rubric to see how projects will be score. 

    Project Submission Deadline: February 13, 2020

Video Submission

  • Students competing in the Festival must submit their video project through a website assigned in class. Videos must meet the following criteria: 

    • All videos must be school appropriate and meet the standards of the Irving ISD Student Code of Conduct.
    • All videos must be under 5 minutes in time
    • Royalty free or original audio only
    • Music video entries are considered parody videos
    • Each submission will need a maximum of a 200-word summary of their project. The summary will include a description of the process, intent of the video, and the student experience of creating the film. This will be a grading criterion on the rubric.

    Reference the Film Rubric to see how projects will be scored. 

    Project Submission Deadline: February 13, 2020

Judges Section

  • Thank you for judging Irving ISD's Film Festival on March 26, 2020.


    Here are the resources you will need to judge the Film Festival:


    Poster Rubric: Reference this rubric to score poster projects. 

    Film Rubric: Reference this rubric to score film projects. 



    Poster Scorecard: Please use the scorecard to submit individual poster project scores. 

    Film Scorecard: Please use the scorecard to submit individual film project scores. 

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