Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please see below for information relevant to prospective candidates, new hires, current employees and former employees.

Application Troubleshooting

  • I receive a 500 Ooops! message when trying to access my application as an internal candidate.

  • My references did not get the email from your District. Can you resend it?

  • I used to work for the district and I am applying for a position with the district. How can I get the external application versus internal application?

Hiring Process

  • What is the hiring process for Irving ISD?

  • I have applied for a position and no one has contacted me from your department (HR).

  • How long is the process from receiving a recommendation email from the principal until I am hired?

  • As a candidate, when will I receive the salary offer?

Internal Transfer/ Promotion

  • I receive a 500 Ooops! message when trying to access my application as an internal candidate.

  • I have been recommended for a position and I currently work at (campus). When can I get started? (employee/internal applicant)

  • My offer email says my start date is next week. I have been in the position since last week. (employee/internal transfer)

  • My principal moved me into a different position but I have not signed the job description yet.

  • I am a current Guest Educator and have been recommended for a position at a campus. How fast can I start?

  • As a supervisor, I would like to recommend a current employee for my vacancy. Do I just submit the PAF?

New Hires / Newly Transferred Employees

  • When is my start date?

  • As a new teacher, when can I get my keys and get into my classroom?

  • As a new hire, when and where will I get an ID badge and key cards to gain access to the building?

  • Will my pay be backdated if I turn in my service record after I am hired?

  • As a recently recommended teacher, how do I know for sure what I am teaching?

Benefits Questions

  • I have additional benefits questions.

  • Does my position qualify for benefits?

  • Is Irving ISD part of the TRS Health Plan and are all plans on TRS the same for all districts?

  • Who is my contact for FMLA?

Employee Wellness

  • Does Irving ISD offer an employee assistance program?

  • What kind of employee support does Irving ISD offer employees in distress?

  • Where can I find more information about Employee Wellness?

Employment & Salary Verification/ Service Records/Student Loan Forgiveness

  • I need to request my Irving ISD Service Record.

  • I need a Verification of Employment (VOE).

Resignations/ Retirement

  • Who do I submit my resignation to?

  • What is the deadline for submitting a resignation without being held to my contract?

  • If I am a teacher resigning at the end of the school year, will I still get paid over the summer?

  • What if I am retiring from TRS?

Tax Information

Summer School