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Top FAQ Questions

  • I registered my child for PreK in March/April. How will I choose the learning model?

  • Who do I call if I’m struggling to log into the online registration portal?

  • What school supplies will we have to buy?

  • Will my child still have to wear uniforms? For both in-person and remote learning?

  • Will extracurricular activities be provided for in-person and remote learning?

  • Will there be assistance for students with learning disabilities? Tutoring available?

  • What will learning look like for both in-person and remote?

  • What safety protocols will be in place for in-person learning?

  • If someone tests positive for COVID-19, how will it be handled?

  • Will face coverings/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) be required?

  • How will attendance be counted for in-person and remote learning?