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    The Irving ISD Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 2012 to recognize achievements of Irving ISD athletes, coaches, administrators and other contributors to the accomplishments and history of the athletic programs in the Irving Independent School District.  Nominations for the Athletic Hall of Fame may be submitted by anyone, with the exception of current IISD Board of Trustees and the Superintendent.  Those nominating do not have to be residents of Irving ISD or affiliated with the district. 

    A nomination form is available below or through the athletic department.  Any nomination received after the annual deadline will be considered the following year.  If not selected for the current year, nomination forms will be held and reconsidered every year, unless the individual who submitted the application or the nominee has formally requested their application be removed from consideration for future years.  A new application does not have to be provided on an annual basis.


    Eligibility for Honorees:


    There are three categories of honorees:

    a. Athletes: Must be a graduate of an Irving ISD high school.  Eligible ten years after graduation.

    b. Employees of Irving ISD: Consists of coaches, teachers, administrators, or other district employees.  Eligible if retired from school district or deceased.

    c. Contributors: Consists of community members.  Eligible at any time.


    An individual that is currently an Irving ISD employee is ineligible for consideration and induction, regardless of category.


    Deadline for Inductee applications will be February 15th.  Committee Review and Selection will happen in March and the Induction Ceremony and Banquet will be held the 2nd Saturday of June.  A plaque will be placed at the high school where the honoree is/was affiliated.  A plaque and/or photo will eventually be placed at Irving Schools Stadium.  Honorees will be given a plaque for their personal use.  The honorees will also be recognized at one of the following year's home varsity football games.  Irving Schools Foundation will place a gold brick paver at Legacy Brick Plaza at the main entrance of the stadium. 


    Application and Guidelines: 


    pdf   Athletic Hall of Fame Application    



    Athletic Hall of Fame Recipients: 


    The 2019 Class:

    • Tony Arnold, Dabbs, Irving athlete
    • Joe Barnett, Athletic Director
    • Stan Cason, Irving coach and Stadium Announcer
    • Glenn Sullivan, Irving athlete


    pdf    Class of 2019 Bios


    The 2018 Class:

    • Ken Dabbs, Irving coach
    • Barry Knott, Nimitz athlete/Irving coach
    • Don Poe, Athletic Director
    • Mike Sartor, Assistant Athletic Director/Irving coach


    pdf    Class of 2018 Bios


    The 2017 Class:

    • Brad Knouse, MacArthur athlete
    • Hobart Lytal, athletic director/MacArthur coach
    • Duane Miller, Irving athlete
    • Thomas Uhr, Irving coach


    pdf    Class of 2017 Bios


    The 2016 Class:

    • DeMarcus Faggins, Irving athlete
    • Kelvin Korver, Irving athlete
    • Ray Overton, MacArthur coach
    • Morris Sloan, Irving athlete, Nimitz coach


     pdf Class of 2016 Bios


     The 2015 Class:

    • Jim Bennett, coach
    • Mike Phillips, MacArthur athlete
    • Bill Rutherford, Irving athlete
    • Kenny Walters, Irving athlete


    pdf   Class of 2015 Bios


    The 2014 Class:

    • Brandel Chamblee, MacArthur athlete
    • Ruthie Lobb Davis, Irving athlete
    • Aaron De La Torre, Irving athlete
    • Margie Stipes, community contributor
    • Randy Waldrum, MacArthur athlete
    • Murphy Webster, coach


    pdf  Class of 2014 Bios


    The 2013 Class:

    • Michael Huff, Nimitz athlete
    • Kerry Cooks, Nimitz athlete
    • Joe Perryman, coach
    • Anne Uhr, coach
    • Joy and Ralph Ellis, community contributors


    pdf   Class of 2013 Bios


    The 2012 Class:

    • Akin Ayodele, MacArthur athlete
    • Cedric Colby, MacArthur athlete
    • Alan Lowry, Irving athlete
    • David Rose, Irving athlete
    • Deeanna Williams, Nimitz athlete
    • Mike Farda, coach
    • Bob Harrell, coach and athletic director
    • Dick Lear, community contributor


    pdf   Class of 2012 Bios


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