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    Tracking Through PEIMS

    Students who receive “intervention strategy” support(s) at any point during the school year must be reported through PEIMS by the school district. Campuses track students consistently who receive “intervention strategy” by reporting the information in eStar.  


    What's an Intervention Strategy?

    A strategy in a multi-tiered system of supports that is above the level of intervention generally used in that system with all children. 










    Parent Notification 

    Each school year, each school district must notify a parent of each child who receives assistance from the school district for learning difficulties, including intervention strategies that the school district provides to the child. This notice does not apply to parents of children enrolled in the district’s special education program.


    The parent notice must:

    • be provided when the child begins to receive the assistance for that school year
    • be written in English or, to the extent practicable, the parent’s native language


    and include:

    (1) a reasonable description of the assistance that may be provided to the child, including any intervention strategies that may be used;

    (2) information collected regarding any intervention in the base tier of a multi-tiered system of supports that has previously been used with the child;

    (3) an estimate of the duration for which the assistance, including through the use of intervention strategies, will be provided;

    (4) the estimated time frames within which a report on the child’s progress with the assistance, including any intervention strategies used, will be provided to the parent; and

    (5) a copy of the Student Handbook Statement. This statement is available in English and Spanish.