Complaint/Concerns Process

  • In accordance to Education Code Chapter 26, the Board shall adopt a grievance procedure under which the Board shall address each complaint that it receives concerning a violation of a right guaranteed by Education Code Chapter 26 (Parental Rights).  Education Code 26.011



    The Board encourages students and parents to discuss their concerns with the appropriate teacher, principal, or other campus administrator who has the authority to address the concerns.  Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible to allow early resolution at the lowest possible administrative level.



    If a complaint/concern cannot be resolved with the appropriate personnel, a student or a parent may initiate the formal process described in page 2 of FNG (LOCAL) 


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Parental Rights listed in Education Code 26

    1. Rights concerning academic programs.  Education Code 26.003  [See EHA, EIF, FDB, and FMH]

    2. Access to student records.  Education Code 26.004  [See FL]

    3. Access to state assessments.  Education Code 26.005  [See EKB]

    4. Access to teaching materials.  Education Code 26.006  [See EF and EKB]

    5. Access to Board meetings, other than a closed meeting under the Open Meetings Act.  Education Code 26.007  [See BE and BEC]

    6. Right to full information concerning a student.  Education Code 26.008  [See DF, FFE, and FM]

    7. Right to information concerning special education and education of students with learning disabilities.  Education Code 26.0081  [See FB]

    8. Requests for public information.  Education Code 26.0085  [See GBA]

    9. Consent required for certain activities.  Education Code 26.009  [See EHA, FFE, FL, FM, and FO]

    10. Refusal of psychiatric or psychological treatment of child as basis for report of neglect.  Education Code 26.0091  [See FFG]

    11. Exemption from instruction.  Education Code 26.010  [See EMB]


    For more information on the rights listed above, reference School Board Policy.


    For more information on Student and Parent Complaints/Grievances, reference in Board Policy  FNG.

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