• District Goal I

    We will create an optimal unencumbered climate and culture in order to accomplish our mission and objectives.


    Board Goals

    1. Students will be at or above grade level in all core subjects, prepared for advanced level courses and be college and/or career ready upon graduation.


    2. Develop or Adopt a District-Wide Leadership Competency Model for the purpose of developing leadership and continuity of each campus.  Strong leadership and continuity at the Campus level removes encumbrances and ultimately contributing to positive culture and climate.




    District Goal II

    We will form a comprehensive curriculum framework specifically designed for individualization.


    Board Goal

    1. A system is in place for continual curriculum and lesson plan improvement.





    District Goal III

    We will provide advocacy and support that address the whole student. 


    Board Goals

    1. Effective and efficient existing academic programs and student support services.


    2. Effective and efficient new academic programs and student support services.




    District Goal IV

    We will personify and infuse ethical values into the daily lives of our students.


    Board Goal

    1. A school district and community-wide culture of respect and responsibility.





    District Goal V

    We will ensure community engagement and collaboration to accomplish our mission and objectives. 


    Board Goals

    1. Synergetic Campus that fosters community collaboration.


    2. Community informed of district events.


    3. District personnel are engaged at the campus level.





    District Goal VI

    We will ensure total organizational capacity necessary to realize our mission.


    Board Goals

    1. An evaluation and coaching system that will promote teacher and administrator development.


    2. Relevant professional development for all employees to promote student and professional growth.


    3. Schools led by effective instructional leaders.




    District Goal VII

    We will design a vital/living organization that simplifies and focuses our efforts on student excellence.


    Board Goals

    1. Students leave IISD with a career path (college / trade school / job opportunities).


    2. Administration focused on holistic support of the entire campus.





    District Goal VIII

    Maintain a strong financial position.


    Board Goal

    1. The District shall strive to maintain a minimum general operating fund balance equal to at least the sum of two months (i.e., 25 percent) of total budgeted general operating fund expenditures.

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