Irving Independent School District

June 19, 2017

  • Debra Miller Recognized as Teacher of the Month

    Debra Miller, a fifth-grade reading teacher at Thomas Haley Elementary School, was honored by the Board of Trustees and Administration as the Irving ISD Teacher of the Month for June. Ms. Miller was unable to attend the June 19 board meeting. Thomas Haley assistant principal Claire Oliver accepted the award on her behalf from Board Secretary Randy Necessary.





    Terri McCaskey Recognized as Employee of the Month

    Terri McCaskey, a library clerk at Brown Elementary School, was honored by the Board of Trustees and administration as the Irving ISD Employee of the Month for June. McCaskey is pictured with Trustee A.D. Jenkins.





    Cydia Harrington Recognized as Guest Educator of the Month

    Cydia Harrington, a guest educator for Irving ISD, was honored by the Board of Trustees and Administration as the Irving ISD Guest Educator of the Month for June. Harrington was not able to attend the meeting.



    Singley Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program Recognized for Winning National Award

    The Irving ISD Board of Trustees and Administration recognized the School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality program at Singley Academy for winning the Excellence in Action national award. Selected by Advanced CTE, the national professional organization for state leaders in career/technical education, the award honors and recognizes superior career/technical education programs of study from across the nation. Programs selected for this award exemplify excellence in the implementation of career clusters, show a true progression from secondary to postsecondary education, and provide meaningful work-based opportunities for students. They also have a substantial, evidence-based impact on student achievement and success.


    The Excellence in Action award allows Advance CTE to highlight what high-quality, high-impact programs of study look like to policymakers, employers and education leaders across the nation. Districts must submit an extensive application and documentation to be considered for the award. The applications are then judged by education and industry experts from across the nation. The award earned was presented in Washington, D.C. on May 3. Only one program from each of the 16 career clusters was selected as the recipient. Pictured with Dr. Jose Parra, Irving ISD Superintendent of Schools (far left), and Larry Stipes, Irving ISD Board President (far right), are program instructors (from left) Ann Lowrie, Jared Cappers, Zach Moore and Greg Arsenault. Not pictured is instructor Michelle Hornbuckle.





    Action Taken:

    • Approved Consent Agenda Items:
      1. Approved Minutes of Board Work Session on Monday, May 15, 2017, Special Called Meeting on Monday, May 15, 2017, and Regular Board Meeting on Monday, May 22, 2017
      2. Approved Financial Statement for April 2017
      3. Approved Resolution and Order No. 16-17-04 Authorizing June Amendment to the 2016-2017 Budget
      4. Approved Requests for Additional Compensation to a Contract or Noncontract Employee
      5. Approved an Agreement between KICKSTART KIDS Martial Arts and Character Development Program and Irving ISD
      6. Approved Renewal of the Universal Screening Assessment Agreement with Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)
      7. Approved Six Early-Release Waivers for the 2017-2018 School Year for Irving ISD
      8. Approved District Improvement Plan 2017-2018
      9. Approved the College Board’s College Readiness and Success Contract #: CB-00019639 for College Readiness Assessments
      10. Approved Long Term Delivery Purchase for Supplies, Services, and Capital Outlay Necessary for the 2017-2018 School Year in the Amount of $464,035
      11. Approved Resolution and Order No. 16-17-05 Approving a Bank Depository Agreement, Security Agreement and Third Party Custodian Agreement Along With Authorizing Other Matters Related To The Subject
      12. Approved Item No. 2017-09 Approving the Award of RFP #17-61- 914 for Plumbing Services
      13. Approved Item No. 2017-11 Approving the Award of RFP #17-54-916 for Bread Products
      14. Approved Item No. 2017-12 Approving the Award of RFP #17-53-916 for Juice Products
      15. Approved Item No. 2017-13 Approving the Award of RFP #17-52-916 for Milk & Miscellaneous Dairy Products
      16. Approved Item No. 2017-14 Approving the Award of RFP #17-51-916 for Mainline Vendor
      17. Approved Resolution No. 16-17-15 Approving the Award of RFQ #17-64-739 and Delegating Authority to Negotiate and Approve Contracts for Architectural and Engineering Services
      18. Approved Resolution No. 16-17-16 Authorizing the City of Dallas to Represent the Irving Independent School District in the Matter of Tax Foreclosure Sales by Public or Private Sealed Bid as Authorized by Section 34.05 of the State Property Tax Code
      19. Approved Alternate Approver for Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) and Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE)
      20. Approved Resolution No. 16-17-18 Authorizing School Dude to Perform Professional Inventory Services
      21. Approved Final Payment and Closeout Documentation for the Elise Walker Outdoor Learning Center
      22. Approved Resolution No. 16-17-20 Delegating Authority to Administration to Negotiate and Execute Electricity Procurement Into 2025
      23. Accepted Gifts and Donations to the District


    • Approval of First Reading of Proposed Revision of the Following Policies pursuant to the District of Innovation Plan adopted May 22, 2017: DBA (LOCAL) Employment Requirements and Restrictions – Credentials and Records; DCA (LOCAL) Employment Practices – Probationary Contracts; DCE (LOCAL) Employment Practices – Other Types of Contracts; DFAA (LOCAL) Probationary Contracts - Suspension/Termination During Contract; DFBA (LOCAL) Term Contracts – Suspension/Termination During Contract; DNA (LOCAL) Performance Appraisal – Evaluation of Teachers; DNA (REGULATION) Performance Appraisal – Evaluation of Teachers; EB (LOCAL) School Year and FO (LOCAL) Student Discipline


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