About the Omni Room

  • Fourth grade students explore the topics of alternative energy and conservation in the setting of Irving ISD's new Net Zero School.The field trips are scheduled from 9am -11:30 am.

    Students will be transported from their campus to Johnson Middle School by bus.



    Pre‐visit: Campuses will be sent a link to the Science Discovery Education Web Page.


    During the Field Trip: 

    • Teachers will facilitate the learning taking place.

    • Students will use the Omniroom Lab and the Instructional Kiosks in the main hallway to learn about alternative energy resources. 

    • Students will use exciting, challenging equipment (Snap Circuits™, iPads, Instructional Kiosks) to find solutions to questions found in their student field guides. 

    • Learners will share and discuss their discoveries and remaining questions.  


    Post Visit:

    • Students will keep their Field Guides and incorporate them into their science notebooks.  

    • Learners can use the “Wonderings” section of each activity to conduct independent and group research activities back at campus or at home. 

    • Conservation strategies learned and discussed during the field trip can be applied by students at school, home or in their community. 


    Desired learning Outcomes:

    • Provide students the opportunities needed to understand the significance of alternative energy, conservation and connections to home, school and community. 

    • Enable students to better utilize tools, equipment and critical thinking to answer complex questions in real world situations. 

    • Encourage students to pursue education and career paths that will positively impact the decisions and choices they make. 

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