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    What does this mean?

    The MTSS Team is comprised of key stakeholders (administrators, deans, interventionists, specialists, teachers, and support staff). The MTSS Team is responsible for leading and coordinating all MTSS efforts. The MTSS Team collects and analyzes a range of data for decision-making, including fidelity of implementation data, student outcome data, and intervention success data, and communicates the current status with regular updates to staff, students, and parents. The leadership team oversees the use of data for systematic problem-solving, attends to the fidelity of implementation, and develops systems to promote sustainability and remove barriers to implementation.

    Why It’s Essential

    A team approach facilitates collaboration toward common goals. The alignment and cohesion of MTSS Teams allow for a systematic approach to data-based problem solving and keep the focus on improved outcomes for all students.

MTSS Team Support


    MTSS Administrators

    Intervention Specialists


    (Reading Specialists, Math Specialists)

    MTSS Specialists

    Behavior Specialist


    School Counselors

    General Education Teachers

    Special Education Teachers

    Special Education Staff

    (LSSPs, Diagnosticians, Speech Pathologists)

    Academic Specialists

    LPAC Representatives