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Instructional materials for AP Courses

  • Selection of AP Materials

    When new materials are required, Irving Independent School District assembles a team of educators to review and evaluate possible selections, much as it does when adopting materials for general education courses.

    Digital/Print Models 

    In recent years, the following model has been in place:

           Students in AP Science courses have access to a class set of print materials and digital materials on a 1-1 basis

            Students in all other AP courses have access to print and digital materials on a 1-1 basis


    We are moving towards a different model:

          All students will have digital access, and print materials will be provided as an accommodation.


    Lifespan of materials

    Currently, the projected lifespan of AP materials is 6 years print and digital, whereas a standard state-driven adoption for general education is planned to last 8 years.