• softball clip softball clip John Haley's Spring Softball Program
    Here are the latest pictures from the 2017 season.
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  • Last year the John Haley Staff dedicated our softball field to Mrs. Taylor for her hard work, dedication, and commitment.  Here is a picture of the banner we presented in the Spring of 2016.
  • History of John Haley's

    Softball Program

    An important event that takes place every year during the spring is our softball program.  Ms. Leona Taylor started this program 13 years ago.  She wrote grants to receive equipment, donated $, sought out volunteer coaches, organized practices & games, oversaw awards & a party, and made sure that the event ran smoothly and engaged kids in school.  Her dedication was amazing, and she continues to come back to volunteer at our school.  Students are so excited they often return after moving to middle school to help assist coaches and new players.  This program helps many of our students participate in their very first organized sport. We hope to continue the tradition for many years to come.
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