Texas 2x2 Reading List

  • Another

    by Christian Robinson Year Published: 2019

    A portal opens in a young girl’s bedroom, taking her on a journey to discover a parallel universe.  She meets another version of herself and her cat, along with many other children.

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  • Perfect

    by Max Amato Year Published: 2019

    Oh… perfection!  When everything seems to be “just right” in your life and you get to feel that pleasure.  Joy! But, what if what is perfect for you, is the opposite of what is perfect for someone else?  Can you still find a way to make things work?

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  • Dandy

    by Ame Dyckman Year Published: 2019

    It’s Daddy versus Dandelion in this heartwarming story.  Daddy is itching to cut down a pesky dandelion in his yard, but his daughter has declared the flower to be her best friend! What will Daddy do?

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  • Not Quite, Snow White

    by Ashley Franklin Year Published: 2019

    Tamieka loves to sing and dance and perform. The role of Snow White seems like a dream, but it is shattered by the comments of others until her parents come to the rescue with their very loving support.

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  • Cyril and Pat

    by Emily Gravett Year Published: 2019

    A squirrel and a rat cannot be friends,”You are not the same,” others say.  At first Cyril and Pat listen to them, but then they discover their friendship is more important than their differences.

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  • Underwear

    by Jen Harney Year Published: 2019

    Join Papa Bear as he tries to wrangle Baby Bear into correctly wearing a pair of underwear.   But, Baby Bear isn’t going to be brief with those underwear as he puts on an underwear fashion show.

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  • Cake

    by Sue Hendra Year Published: 2019

    Cake is invited to his first party and is super excited.  He suddenly has an uncomfortable feeling that he is the center of attention...and has to run out of there!

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  • Duck!

    by Meg McKinlay Year Published: 2019

    When duck runs around the farm yelling “DUCK!” to all the animals they only point out that they are not ducks.  He finally is able to use another word in order to warn them to move so they would know that a tornado was on its way; “RUN!”

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  • Saturday

    by Oge Mora Year Published: 2019

    A young girl and her mother wait all week long to enjoy their Saturday activities together. One Saturday, they begin their day together, and nothing goes according to plan.  The day seems like a disaster, until they realize that what they love about Saturdays is the time they spend together. 

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  • Bear Came Along

    by Richard T. Morris Year Published: 2019

    Bear falls in a river and as he is swept downstream he is joined by other woodland creatures.  What they all discover on this wild ride is that their diverse personalities balance one another, and they are all in it together! 

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  • I am a Tiger

    by Karl Newson Year Published: 2019

    Mouse thinks BIG! He believes he is a tiger and convinces the other animals with his fast talking.  But when an actual tiger comes along, will everyone’s point of view change?

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  • Give Me Back My Bones!

    by Kim Norman Year Published: 2019

    A stormy night at sea has made a mess as you will see.  Dig in for buried treasure as the animals of the sea put back together one long ago buried skeleton.  Try and see if you can find the clues to reveal his identity before the story ends.

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  • Seeds Move

    by Robin Page Year Published: 2019

    We don’t usually think about the fact that seeds need to move around to find soil, water, and sunlight...yet they do.  Seeds drift, sink, scatter, squirt, and much more in this story.

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  • My Papi Has a Motorcycle

    by Isabel Quintero Year Published: 2019

    Who’s up for an adventure?  Daisy Ramona can’t wait for her papi to get home and take her along as he zooms through the neighborhood on his motorcycle.  This is her opportunity to say hello to other members of her community and enjoy her neighborhood for what it is, even as it changes.

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  • Truman

    by Jean Reidy Year Published: 2019

    Truman the tortoise lives in a tall city apartment building with Sarah, who is his whole world.  One day, Sarah feeds him extra green beans and leaves on the bus wearing a big backpack. Truman tries to wait for her return, but finally decides he will attempt the impossible to find her.  

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  • Watch Out for the Wolf!

    by Anica Mrose Rissi Year Published: 2019

    These 5 little pigs are watching out for wolf as they go about their tasks.  But the reason may not be the one you think. This book has a fun twist that just may surprise you.

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  • Fergal and the Bad Temper

    by Robert Starling Year Published: 2019

    Fergal the Dragon gets extremely angry when told to do things he doesn’t want to do, resulting in him blowing fire at his dinner, getting steamed at a soccer game and burning bear’s pastries.  When his friends reject him, his mom suggests counting to 10 to cool down before getting hot-headed...and it works!

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  • Ogilvy

    by Deborah Underwood Year Published: 2019

    Ogilvy is the new bunny in town, and the other bunnies aren’t sure if Ogilvy’s outfit is a dress or a sweater. They tell Ogilvy that bunnies wearing dresses play ball and knit socks, while bunnies in sweaters make art and climb rocks. Ogilvy wants to do all of those things, but the other bunnies want them to choose. Ogilvy finds a way to do the things they love and to change the minds of the other bunnies.

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  • The Panda Problem

    by Deborah Underwood Year Published: 2019

    Every story has a problem and this one is no different.  Is Panda part of the problem or the solution? Read this book and decide!

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  • The Goose Egg

    by Liz Wong Year Published: 2019

    Henrietta’s life is full of peace, quiet and serenity… that is, until she ends up bumping into a Goose Egg, that hatches.  Now, Henrietta’s mornings are filled with chaos, noise and the unexpected life that comes with raising a child, even when it’s not your own.  This tender story of love and family will melt your heart.

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