Internet Filtering in Irving ISD

    1. How can a teacher request a website to be unblocked?

    An online form has been placed on the the web that teachers can use to ask for a website to be unblocked. Please plan ahead when asking to unblock sites.

    Click here to OPEN a website. Click here to BLOCK a website.

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  • 2.  Why does Irving ISD use an Internet filter?

    Texas state law requires that public schools that provide computers used for Internet access to implement an Internet safety policy.  All districts receiving funds from a Texas Infrastructure Fund loan or grant are required to follow this law.

    pdf   Texas Ed. Code Ann. § 32.201-202

    pdf   Texas Govt. Code Ann. §441.1385


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  • 3.  What does the Irving ISD Internet filter block?

    Irving ISD has chosen to filter the following categories to meet the above ruling:

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    • Adult Content
    • Alcohol/Tobacco
    • Dating & Personal
    • Drugs
    • Friendship
    • File Sharing
    • Gambling
    • Games
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    • Guns & Weapons
    • Porn-Nudity
    • Porn-Child
    • Streaming Radio/TV
    • Toolbars
    • Violence & Hate
    • Virus & Malware
    • Web Proxies
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  • Note:  The above categories are continuously under review by committee and may change.


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