General Information

  • Townsell

    3700 Pleasant Run Rd.

    Irving, TX 75038

    phone:  972-600-5500
    fax:  972-255-6008 



    The mission of Townsell Elementary, the imprint of celebrated diversity and uncompromising expectations for personal excellence, is to ensure each scholar builds character and achieves their academic potential by:

    • Exemplifying core ethical values
    • Engaging in authentic and individualized learning experiences
    • Empowering flexible thinkers and creative problem solvers
    • Fostering positive and collaborative relationships
    • Creating opportunities to lead and influence the global community



    • Each scholar will achieve personal and academic potential in a cutting-edge environment.
    • Each scholar will continuously develop and exemplify positive character in all aspects of life.
    • Each scholar will adapt and thrive in a diverse and global community.



    • We will redefine teaching.
    • We will revolutionize learning.
    • We will cultivate an engaged and unified community.
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History of Townsell Elementary School

  • Townsell image Jackie Mae Townsell was born in Dallas on April 7, 1936. As a young girl she moved to Bear Creek, a historic settlement founded by slaves in 1850, which became her treasured lifelong home. Mrs. Townsell sought to make a difference throughout her years, spearheading an effort in the 1960s to annex Bear Creek into the City of Irving. In 1977, she became a member of the Irving City Council. During her illustrious tenure in city government, Mrs. Townsell supported initiatives to help those in need and Irving at large by calling for health care for low-income mothers, promoting parks and libraries, and advocating community block grants. Mrs. Townsell passed away October 17, 2002. After her death, the Irving ISD choose to honor her memory and contributions by naming a school after her which opened in 2003.

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