• Every other day students will attend PE in either the Big Gym with Coach Martinez or the Small Gym with Coach Wilson.



    Students will be expected to master the PE and Health TEKS objectives for their grade level, that will be practiced and assessed during PE time.

    Students will receive a PE/Health grade based on their mastery of the TEKS covered as well as a conduct grade based on their behavior and participation in PE. All students in PE are expected to represent the school-wide Guidelines to Success known as the 3B’s: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Ready.



    Students are required to wear tennis/running shoes on PE days, no boots, high heels, slides, sandals, or other no rubber soled shoes. This is for the protection of your student and other students as we move and learn together. As always at school, if a dress or skirt is worn the student must wear shorts, pants or tights under the dress/skirt. Students will follow the school’s dress code.


    Need to Sit Out of PE:

    If students needs to sit out of PE for a medical or personal issue, they need to bring a note with them to PE signed by a parent. The note should inform the PE teacher the student cannot participate in PE with the concern included and the date that they can return to activities. If it is more than 3 days they need to sit out, a doctor’s note should be included or given to the office.


    Family Involvement:

    Students are encouraged to participate with families at home to stay healthy like exercising or eating healthy together. Many times throughout the year materials and resources will be sent home to encourage families to stay healthy. You can also follow us on Twitter @LivleyPE to see what amazing things we are learning in PE and tips to keep your family healthy. 

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