General Information

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    950 Pleasant Run

    Irving, TX 75038

    Phone: 972-600-4200

    Fax: 972-261-2849


    Vision Statement

    Clifton ECS will ensure success of all students.


    Mission Statement

    The mission of Clifton Early Childhood School, the foundation of continuous transformation, is to construct, develop and grow the social, emotional, and intellectual skills necessary to be successful through a system defined by:

    Sharing responsibility for excellence
    Cultivating a sense of community
    Promoting and personifying a love of learning
    Celebrating diversity
    Fostering creativity and independence

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History of Clifton Early Childhood School

  • Mrs. Clifton Opened August 18, 1999


    The school is named in honor of Evelyn T. Clifton, a native of Pennsylvania. Clifton was raised in the small community of Bessemer, Pennsylvania.  During her childhood there was never any doubt in Clifton’s mind that she wanted to be a classroom teacher. At an early age she became interested in “playing school” and being the teacher’s helper.


    After completing Bessemer High School in 1947, Clifton enrolled in Slippery Rock State Teachers College. Balancing a schedule between home and school, she earned a Masters in Education degree in Elementary School Supervision from North Texas State University in 1966. Later she completed graduate work and obtained administrative certification.


    Following college graduation, she began teaching first grade in New Castle, Pennsylvania in 1951.  In 1954, she began teaching second grade at Schulze Elementary School in Irving ISD.  She also taught first grade for 10 years at Barton Elementary School.  In 1970, Clifton was one of the first kindergarten teachers in Irving ISD teaching at Schulze.  She completed her classroom teaching experience in 1975 at John Haley Elementary School as a kindergarten teacher.  From 1975-1986 Clifton served as an elementary consultant for the Irving ISD.


    When she became principal at Brandenburg Elementary School in 1986, Clifton was able to concentrate on providing the best instructional program possible for the students at Brandenburg.  During her time at Brandenburg, she implemented, with the assistance of her staff, a bilingual program at the school.  She retired from the Irving ISD in 1994 with 37 dedicated years of service plus five years out of state experience for a total of 42 years in the field of education. 


    Evelyn Clifton passed away on Thursday, April 28, 2011. 


    Education has always been a priority on Clifton’s life. None of the the above could have been accomplished without the support of Clifton’s family of which she is extremely proud. Her husband, John, passed away in 1983. Clif, her son, has been a captain in the Irving Fire Department for the past 18 years. Donna, her daughter-in-law, Patti, is the vice president of HNJ, a wholesale jewelry company located in Irving. Clifton also has four grandchildren, which are her pride and joy.

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