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  • How do I get a copy of my transcript or student records?

    Current and former students may request student records including transcripts, attendance and employment verification using this secure site. Current high school students should submit transcript requests to their campus registrar.

    Records of former students are archived off-site and must be retrieved by submitting a request.  Current students can simply pick them up from their schools since they are on campus and so are the students.


    How do I submit a Public Information Request or Records Request?

    Click here for information about public information requests. Click here for information about other records requests.


    Where can I find Board of Trustees policies?

    Click here to access Board policy.


    Where can I find the Board’s meeting calendar and minutes?

    A list of scheduled Board meetings and work sessions can be found here, and minutes can be found here.


    How do I speak at a Board of Trustees meeting?

    Those who wish to address the Board should complete a Public Input Card, which is available at the registration table before a scheduled meeting. The card can be given to any board member or administrator, and the individual will be recognized during the “Public Comment” section of the agenda. Before addressing the Board, speakers should identify themselves by name, address and organization represented, if any. Remarks must be limited to three minutes. Public comments may not include charges against any employee or student of the District.


    How do I contact my trustee?

    Trustee contact information is listed here.


    Where can I find a copy of the Irving ISD school budget?

    Proposed, adopted and amended budgets can be found here


    Can outside groups use Irving ISD facilities or buildings?

    Irving ISD permits non school use of designated District facilities for educational, recreational, civic or social activities after hours and on weekends when these activities do not conflict with school use or with IISD Board Policy. To learn more about reserving a facility, click here.


    How can I do business with Irving ISD?


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