• How can I report bullying?
    Parents and students can complete an anonymous bullying report form to report any type of bullying (physical, verbal, cyber) without disclosing name or email address.

    Who manages crossing guards?
    The City of Irving hires and oversees the community’s School Crossing Guard Program. 

    Who do I contact about school zone lights?
    School zone lights are automated and controlled by the City of Irving. Please contact the City to report any signal malfunctions at 972-721-2646 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. After 5 p.m., call 972-721-2661.

    Does Irving ISD have its own police department?
    Irving ISD contracts with the Irving Police Department for 21 school resource officers and supervisors who provide law enforcement services on district campuses.  

    Can another member of my family pick-up my child from school or have access to student information?
    Written permission from the parent must be provided to the school in order for other family members to have access to student records.  If a parent needs someone who is not identified in school records to pick up their child, the parent must provide written notice in advance.  When advance written notice is not possible, a parent may call the school and make a request by phone. However, the parent will be asked questions to establish identify.  

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