General Information

Front of School
J. O. Davis Elementary School
310 Davis Drive
Irving, TX 75061


It is the mission of J. O. Davis Elementary School to ensure high levels of learning for all. While promoting a positive school environment, our children, parents, and educators will collaboratively participate in the teaching and learning process.


We believe that in order to achieve high levels of learning, we must commit to reaching the unique needs of our learners. 

Collective Commitments

In order to ensure learners receive the best instruction possible, all professionals commit to -

  • Use evidence of learning to respond immediately and instructionally to data including anecdotal notes, running records, MAP, common formative assessments, common summative assessments, and district common assessments so that learners learn at a high level.
  • Share collective responsibility for high levels of learning for all in teams focused on curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
  • Use high-quality instructional strategies to support each learner in mastering the essential standards.
  • Monitor individual learner’s academic progress and attendance.
  • Engage learners in monitoring their own progress by implementing a system of learner goal setting.
  • Add depth to learning opportunities for learners who show early mastery of grade-level TEKS.
  • Contribute positively to quantitative campus and team goals.

In order to ensure we thrive and work in a positive campus culture, all professionals commit to -

  • Build and maintain a collaborative culture by working interdependently and assuming collective responsibility for the learning of all learners.
  • Make all decisions based on what is best for learners and not what is easiest for professionals.
  • Build positive, professional relationships with learners, parents, colleagues, administrators, and members of the community.
  • Respect and honor all team and campus norms.
  • Actively contribute to making the entire school a safe, orderly, and stimulating learning environment for all.


  1. Improvement of academic achievement in reading and math at each grade level so that 80% of learners score above the 50%tile on the May 2021 MAP.
  2. Each learner maintaining or increasing their reading and math MAP percentiles from MOY MAP 2020 to EOY MAP 2021.
  3. Achieve an attendance rate of 95%.