MakerSpace Club



What is Makerspace you might ask?


To describe Makerspace in simple fashion, it is an area that allows for creativity and innovation to occur.  For example, students have the freedom to design, engineer, fabricate, create, build and collaborate. Makerspaces provide students with a place to tinker and develop something that possibly wouldn’t be possible to create without a space with resources.


Dear Parents:


This year Barton Library will offer a Makerspace for students in the morning. Thursday Grades 3-5 from 7:00 am – 7:30 am must enter through the gym and the first 30 students will get a pass to go to the library and participate (first come, first serve). Due to space we are not able to allow all the students to enter the Makerspace area.


 We are asking that you consider becoming a volunteer and explore what this great new movement is all about or donate some items that may otherwise be discarded. We can “turn your trash into new treasure” and use these items to develop critical thinkers as student’s engineer, design and create new products with them. Thanks for all your help! For more information, you can email me or call 972-600-4137. Follow us on Twitter @BartonLib1 or Website

-Suggested list for donations for a MakerSpace Center or a STEAM


  • gallon sized zip lock bags
  • 3x5 masking tape
  • Duct tape
  • unwrapped straws
  • paper or plastic cups
  • aluminum foil
  • twine
  • Craft sticks/ tongue depressors
  • felt
  • cotton
  • other light cloth material
  • Wire Tools: wrenches, screw drivers, and pliers
  • Clean Styrofoam plates
  • other small plastic containers


Parent Permission Form English

Solicitud en Espanol