Bluebonnet Club


Every year the Texas Library Association selects 20 book nominees for the Texas Bluebonnet Award.  All across Texas students in 3rd-5th grade participate by voting for their favorite book from the list of nominees. By January, students who have read or heard at least 5 of these books are eligible to vote for their favorite.  The votes are submitted online and the book with the most student votes wins the Texas Bluebonnet Award.  

Students grades 3rd-5th at Barton Elementary are encouraged to read and vote for their favorite book.  Students will receive a log to track their progress.  Logs must have at least 5 completed entries and need to be turned in by the deadline in order to qualify to vote.  

The theme of the program is "Read 5 Then Decide" because if students read a minimum of five books from the current master list (or have the books read aloud to them), they have the opportunity to vote for their favorite title during the month of January.

The title with the most votes statewide is declared the winner the Texas Bluebonnet Award!

Teachers, parents, and librarians are encouraged to read some of the books aloud.

 I am excited to share that this year Barton Elementary will have a Bluebonnet Book Club.  The Bluebonnet Book Club will be for 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students.  The club will read and discuss the 20 Texas Bluebonnet books nominated for the year and vote for their favorite book in January.  Bluebonnet club members are allowed to check out one Bluebonnet book at a time.  Details on meeting days and times will be updated.

After student have read one Bluebonnet Book they will have to fill out a BlueBonnet Google Form and answer some questions about the book to participate in the club.

 Select Bluebonnet Books