Records Management

Delivery Notice:  Please note that we will attempt to send all records electronically.  If you have a special request regarding the delivery method, please note this in your request.



Records Management functions under the Department of Document Services.  



To secure, maintain, and preserve all district records from creation to disposal, in compliance with any and all legal requirements.

The Records Storage Center is dedicated to preserving one of Irving ISD's most valuable assets - records and information.  Records are a valuable district resource and properly managed can result in considerable cost savings and operational efficiency.  The Records staff has expertise in federal, state, and local statutes and policies regarding records retention requirements and assists district campuses/departments in developing comprehensive records management plans, and manages all district forms.  


Key Benefits of a Records Management Program

  • Comply with State and Local Laws and Regulations    

  • Comply with Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles (GARP)     

  • Increased Productivity

  • Maintain Economy and Efficiency

  • Preservation of Permanent Documents

  • Quality Customer Service

  • Quick & Accurate Records Retrieval

  • Reduction of Paper and Office Space

  • Safe & Secure Records Storage and Destruction

  • Sound Records Administrative Guidelines

  • Records Management Training

  • Uniformity in Records Maintenance


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