Phase II Info

  • Phase II:  3- 5th Food & Herb Garden  (by 3-5 hallways) - 30 stakeholders 


    • The BBurg Garden in the back of the school, will be an ongoing garden of seasonal and nutritional plants that K-5 students will grow, maintain and enjoy.  Students will be incorporating STEM related projects, conduct research and have areas for collaboration and reflection.


    • The Cafeteria Herbs area will beautify and provide herbs to the outer area of the cafeteria, teacher lounge and outdoor picnic tables.  These will also be maintained by k-5 graders.



  • Area:  3,552 sq. ft.
  • Design:  K-5 Student Garden (vegetables)
  • Materials:  soil, beds, tables, benches
  • STEM projects



Outdoor Cafeteria Herb Area:  40 sq. ft.
  • Student maHerb Garden de containers with herbs will be placed by teachers' lounge window.
  • low maintenance evergreen drought resistant plants/herb