ADA Reasonable Accommodation(s) Review Process

Applicants, candidates, or employees may request an ADA accommodation through the Risk Management Department. To ensure requests are recorded and handled promptly, they should be submitted via:

  • Hand-delivery 
  • US Mail 
  • Fax
  • Email

The applicant, candidate, or employee must submit the following documents when requesting an accommodation: 

  • Accommodation Request Form
  • Health Care Provider Form, a physician's statement, or other relevant diagnostic report outlining the diagnosis and limitation of the employee and the accommodation(s) required.

An ADA Advisory Committee (ADAAC) meeting may be scheduled to review the request.  The Director of Risk Management will notify the employee and immediate supervisor of the decision and implementation instructions, if applicable.

ADAAC Members:

  • Executive Director of Risk Management and HR Systems
  • Directors of Human Resources
  • Director of Compensation, Benefits, and HR Systems
  • Director of Health Services (if necessary)
  • Director of Guidance and Counseling (if necessary)
  • Department Representative (supervisor of the person requesting accommodation, if necessary)
  • District General Counsel (advisory/non-voting)


Return completed ADA Form via hand-delivery, Fax, or Email:

 Fax: 469-646-4320