Approved Vendor List

Purchasing requirements, notes and tips when using the approved vendor list


If your purchase is more than $10,000, please call the purchasing department for help with compliance and best pricing.


To get pricing from the vendor, click on the individual tab at the bottom of this worksheet for the method of compliance (find vendor contact information), contact the vendor and ask for the best price from all methods that the vendor is compliant under (Buyboard, TCPN, RFP, etc.) and add that on the Purchase Order Printing notes with contract # if available. Some vendors may be compliant by several methods and some may be compliant by only one method. Always ask about shipping cost with quote. (sometimes it is more than the purchase-- If it seems too high, call Purchasing Dept. for help) If the purchase is more than $10,000, please get 3 phone/email or faxed quotes and attach them to the requisition in TCM. If the purchase is less than $10,000 and you do not want to ask for best pricing of all qualified methods, you should use the following hierarchy. Unless the district has a specific RFP for the items and you have been instructed to use that RFP, please use Buyboard, then 2013, then TCPN, TIPS equally, with other methods per advice of purchasing department. If it is EPCNT, please call purchasing for help.


You may search by the vendor name alphabetically or by category title. Hint: Press Ctrl key and then F or binoculars symbol together to open find window then put in part of vendors name to find one that might be misspelled or have "The" or multiple names. 


ALWAYS ENTER "METHOD OF COMPLIANCE" AND BID NUMBER FOR VENDOR SELECTED ON THE REQUISITION IN THE "PRINT ON PO" NOTES. If quotes are received because of the amount of the purchase, attach the top three to the requisition in Munis through TCM.








Irving ISD Purchase Order Requirement