The Three Tiers

Tier 1

Core Classroom Instruction 
  • All students (K-12 grade)
  • Core curriculum reading and math programs in the general classroom setting is TEKS-based.
  • All students will receive instruction that is evidence-based/standard based including ELPS, CCRS, and differentiated according to student’s learning needs.
  • Instructional arrangement should include whole group, small groups, and cooperative learning groups lead by the classroom teacher.
  • Universal Screening Instruments are administered in Tier I to indicate a possible need for support.


  • General Education Teacher
  • Inclusion Teacher


Tier II
Targeted Interventions

  • Tier II intervention is in addition to Tier I instruction.
  • Tier II intervention is determined by data collected from universal screeners, summative assessments, formative assessments, parent input, and student problem solving team recommendations.
  • Tier II instruction is explicit, systematic, and targeted small group intervention within a general education core classroom setting.
  • Tier II interventions are progress monitored every two weeks to determine learning trajectories aligned to set goals.
  • Tier II intervention is strategic, and targets deficit skill areas(s).


  • General Education Teacher
  • Specialist
  • Interventionist Tutor 


Tier III
Intensive Interventions 

  • Tier III intervention is in addition to Tier I instruction.
  • Tier III intervention is determined by ongoing data collected from the beginning, middle and end of the year universal screening instruments, summative assessments, formative assessments, and progress monitoring data aligned to the strategic intervention.
  • Tier III intervention is intensive, focused, requires increased time, instructional expertise, and is usually offered outside the general classroom setting.
  • Tier III interventions are progressed weekly to determine sensitive learning trajectories aligned to set goals.
  • Tier III intervention is provided to students showing poor learning trajectories receiving Tier II interventions over an extended period of time.



  • Interventionist
  • Specialist
  • Special Education Teacher