Mission and Vision

Bowie Mission 

The mission of Bowie Middle School, a family-focused environment uniting the school and the historic south Irving community, is to empower each student to maximize their potential, both socially and intellectually, through a system established by:

Developing creative and critical thinkers
Emphasizing the value of education in our community
Igniting a desire to learn
Building respectful relationships
Establishing accountability for all
Promoting exceptional character, and
Celebrating all committed to the mission.



Bowie Middle School is committed to educational excellence and equity for all students in a multicultural and engaged learning environment.



Bowie Beliefs


The dignity of each person is sacred.

Each person is intrinsically driven to achieve his/her purpose.

Each person has inherent value.

Each person wants to be respected for who they are.

Each person deserves to be treated with respect.

Every person deserves to be safe.

Each person is ultimately responsible for their own actions.

All parents want their children to be successful.

The strength of a society lies in its diversity.

The future of our country depends on how we educate our citizens.

Education empowers both the individual and the community.

Relationships are essential to community.

Leading is a matter of person, not position.

Emotions arising from a common experience are the strongest human bond.

Honesty begins with self.

Attitude defines outcome.

Responsibility accelerates achievement.


Bowie Objectives

Each student will actively pursue academic progress.

Each student will demonstrate positive character traits.

Each student will positively contribute to the school and community.


Bowie Tactics

We will ensure all students are engaged in meaningful lessons that promote academic progress and critical thinking.

We will establish a system that builds character and positive behavior.

We will ensure that all students develop and work towards self-defined goals.

We will have clear expectations for all stakeholders.


Bowie Parameters

We will always subordinate personal and special interests to the best interest of the student.

We will not allow governmental or institutional restraints to compromise learning opportunity for students or staff.

We will expect the best of everyone and will not settle for less.

Our goal will be to attract and retain professionals who are among the top 10% of their peers.

We will practice participatory decision –making* throughout the system.

Common sense will always trump policy and procedures.

We will make optimal use of Technology throughout the district.