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  • icreate star award iCreate Star Showcase Award Winners

    At the iCreate Next Generation Showcase, a small group of 5th grade boys were presented with the Irving ISD's top award for their documentary film entitled "Earth Today, Gone Tomorrow". These boys worked for over 2 months, gathering film and information as well as making soundtracks, and when finished, submitted their project through the iCreate website. The morning of the showcase, they were presented with the Shining Star Award, given to only 4 projects (one from each grade band) in the entire district. Out of 1,600 projects submitted, these boys were the top.

    We want to say how proud we are of this group of students. They worked tirelessly to learn how to film, learn what a documentary is, learn how to edit, and learn how to make film soundtrack. They made and distributed surveys and even conducted interviews. And though their final product was only 4 minutes long, it certainly embodies more than 2 months of solid work done before, during, and after school hours. We would also like to thank Brian Parham, their instructor for the project.  He did an amazing job of helping them learn new concepts and develop their ideas.  He devoted much of his time after school to help the students achieve their final result.
    Check out the project by clicking here: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


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  •  Texas Cash Crops and the Liberty Tea Garden

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    The gardens in our courtyard here at John Haley now have some crops growing in them that I thought you might enjoy sharing with your students.   The fourth grade students have planted crops that are sold for cash here in the state of Texas including cotton, corn, wheat, and sorghum.  These beds are labeled with yellow signs and each crop has a label in the soil.  The fifth graders have planted a “Liberty Tea” garden where they are growing several herbs that colonists used to make herbal tea in defiance of the tea taxes that King George tried to impose during the time of the American Revolution.   As the herbs continue to grow, cuttings will be taken and donated to Irving Cares™ in order to provide fresh herbs to those in Irving who are in need of food assistance.   This bed is located alongside the picnic tables beneath a description of the garden posted to the wall in the garden.  The beds with the green signs are growing crops currently including radishes, kale, and turnips which will be tended and, when harvested, donated to the Irving Cares™ foundation for those in Irving who need food assistance.   Signs outside are posted in both English and Spanish and, if you have an opportunity, please take a moment while visiting with us to walk outside to see how the plants are growing and progressing.  Want to volunteer to help?  Email me at 
     - Christine Scovill M.B.E.  Instructionial Specialist for Literacy Grades 3-5

    So many additions have been made to make this a really nice place for lunch or class!  

    TXU 1 Txu 2

    Here are some trees donated by TXU - From their website: Committed to Community Growth Program
    Together with the Texas Tree Foundation, we’re beautifying Texas one tree at a time. We plant trees for neighborhood associations, schools, nonprofit organizations and municipalities. We also maintain the TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm and Education Center, the largest nonprofit urban tree farm in the nation.

     Our Student Hosts and Participants for the TXU Tree Planting Event

     txu txu

    txu txu


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  • MJB Wood Group, Inc. - Our PIE, Partner in Education



    Once again our PIE has been making a difference at John Haley. They purchased a stream table to help students understand more about the changes our earth goes under each day. They have donated supplies for our nurse to use in the clinic such as bottled water to keep germs from spreading, new underwear for students that have accidents, and peppermints to settle an upset stomach. Last fall already MJB Wood had a breakfast for teachers and given away tons of gift cards.  They have helped us with the cost of a Science Night with the Perot Museum that enables the museum to come to our campus for free.  We are so excited for all the ways MJB Wood Group Inc.  works to have an impact at John Haley.  The long standing relationship with them has really made a difference in the education and experience for staff and students here at John Haley.


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  • Congratulations to our JHE - Teacher of the Year 2016-2017

    We appreciate all that Mr. Garcia does to help students be the most successful they can be.  He teaches them to work hard and always give their best.  They learn the skills they need to be college and career ready.  He devotes much of his time to tutoring students who need extra help, communicating with parents about expectations, and even volunteered to coach softball after school this spring. Here is what he had to share about his students and his goals for them.

    "I want them (my students) to know that I will believe in them even when nobody else does.  I want them to know that I am here to listen to them if they need me.  I want them to know that there is more that can come in the future than just difficult times as long as they give it their all.  I want them to know that this teacher cares for and loves them.  I let them know all of that by building relationships, sharing laughs, creating memories, and doing anything I can to help them succeed."

    - Gilbert Garcia


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Irving ISD Points of Pride

  • icon Irving ISD was named the 2015 National Advanced Placement (AP) District of the Year for expanding student access to AP courses and improving AP Exam performance.


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  • icon In 2015, Irving ISD high school students earned more than 2,220 career certifications through the district’s signature studies program and campus2career initiative.

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  • icon

    More than 2,000 mentors volunteer in the district. Half joined in the fall of 2014 through the Triple M program which focuses on modern, meaningful mentoring.

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  • icon $22.5 million in scholarships were award to students in 2015. 137 scholars were awarded scholarships through The Irving Schools Foundation.

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  • icon IISD Partners in Education program has more than 200 active alliances with businesses and other organizations and more than 1,500 volunteers.

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  • icon Irving ISD is home to the largest Net-zero middle school, Lady Bird Johnson Middle School, in the nation.

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  • PTA is selling the World's Finest Chocolate!

    Support our PTA and have a sweet treat.  For $2 a bar you can have a good piece of chocolate that will help benefit our school in many ways.  You can still participate!  We are ordering boxes as needed until we end the sales on March 27th. Our sales are funding the End of Year Celebration! Thank you to everyone that has helped out by selling or purchasing chocolate. Everyone is doing a great job.  Way to go Bulldogs!

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  • Pizza & Picasso Night!


    Our 2nd annual Pizza and Picasso Night will be occuring this spring, a date to be posted soon.  This is an opportunity to bid on some of the outstanding artwork of our students made in art class as well as some pieces created by staff.  Funds go to support our PTA.  Come and join the fun and a slice of pizza while browsing the beautiful pieces of art done by students and staff.


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