• Band  Overview  

    Band is a 7-year program of music education. The 1st – 3rd years of band start out at Austin Middle School and then continue to Irving High School! Our goal is to educate our students on the concepts of responsibility, teamwork, and good citizenship through musical experiences. 


  • Choir Overview

    Austin Middle School Treble Choir aims to provide quality music education as well as specific vocal training and etiquette. The program consists of Beginners, Non Varsity, and Varsity level courses, all of whom work together to build a unified and polished sound! Each stage offers a different level of rigor that prepares them for the next stage of vocal development and musical knowledge. 


    Hannah Fox



  • Orchestra  Overview  

    Orchestra consists of Beginner, Non-Varsity and Varsity Orchestras. Beginner Orchestra is for students learning the violin, viola, cello, or string bass with no prior knowledge needed. Beginner orchestra is for all 6th, 7th and 8th grade beginning orchestra students wanting to learn a string instrument in a safe and fun learning environment. Non-Varsity students have had at least one year of orchestra instruction, varsity students at least two years. 7th Grade students with one year orchestra experience may apply through an audition process to be in Varsity Orchestra, if recommended by the teacher. Students participate in concerts, competitions, field trips, performances within the community, as well as orchestra cluster and region concerts. Orchestra students enjoy many fun orchestra pizza parties!!