Attendance & Tardy Procedures

  • Attendance Policy

    1. Attendance matters! For a student to promote to the next grade, they must be at school 90% of the time.
    2. When a student’s attendance drops below 90% but remains at least at 75% of the days the class is offered, the student may earn credit for the class or a final grade by completing a plan approved by the principal. This plan must provide for the student to meet the instructional requirements of the class as determined by the principal.
    3. Our campus goal is to have 98% or better daily attendance rate.  
    4. When a student is absent from school, they must return with a note stating the reason of their absence.
    5. Please try to schedule medical, dental, or other appointments during student holidays or after school.
    6. A school district shall refer a student engaging in truant conduct to truancy court within 10 days of the student’s 10th unexcused absence.  Education Code §25.0951



    1. Teacher will stand at the door during transition and respectfully urge students to class. When the time states start of class doors will be closed.
    2. Teacher will record student tardiness in TAC along with attendance at designated time.
    3. If a student is consistently tardy, the teacher will communicate the student’s tardiness with the student’s other teachers and Administrator.
    4. Student tardy count will start over every six weeks and it’s based on students being late to each class.

    1st Tardy
    Recorded in TAC
    Teacher Warning/
    Discuss why student is late privately


    2nd Tardy
    Recorded in TAC
    Teacher Warning/
    Discuss why student is late privately


    3rd Tardy
    Recorded in TAC
    Teacher Contacts Parent